Julie Zenarosa, 25, Skype Client 2x a week

I met Jose while on vacation, just a few weeks after I joined my local gym. Like everyone else, getting in shape was my New Years resolution. I joined the gym without a plan and not a lot of knowledge on clean eating or how to reach my goals. My goals included losing fat, toning all over and building my lower body.

Jose has educated me on what it takes to reach my goals and he keeps me motivated. I was a bit skeptical on working out with my trainer 1000 miles away. I thought I needed him right next to me. Our Skype sessions from home and at the gym quickly taught me that I can still get an intense, effective workout. With the comfort ability of being at home, Jose showed me that all we need is a few materials like resistance bands and adjustable dumbbells. Jose is a great coach and is super positive on the days that I am not feeling so great.

In the past few months I've lost body fat, gained over 3 inches on my hips and on my thighs, toned my arms, dropped almost 2 pant sizes, and lost about 4 inches on my waist! The best part is that I feel so much more confident in my skin and my clothes are fitting better!

Jose is an awesome trainer, coach, and motivator! Thanks Jose!

Nicole Gonzalez 22, 2x a week Live

Pre-Jose, I was stuck in the same spot for years. For many years, I fluctuated in weight. One year I was supper skinny, according to some, "too skinny" and then the next year I would gain up to 20 pounds. My eating habits were no where near what they are today. I would eat once a day at around 3pm everyday and not eat the rest of the day (thinking that would prevent me from gaining weight). I used to believe that by eating less, I would get skinner. I later realized that was not that case. As time went on, the weight started to catch up to me. I was beyond frustrated because I didn't understand why. I wasn't eating all the time and I was doing cardio for about 45-60 mins at least 4-5 times a week (always been very athletic). I constantly struggled, trying new diets, weight loss pills, you name it. It wasn't until I met Jose, the owner of Sculpturefitness, that my life changed for the better! I signed up for Jose's 2-a week package and followed his meal plan. I will be completely honest with you, I was very hesitant in the beginning because the meal plan required me to eat every 2.5-3 hours (something I thought would make me gain weight instead of lose). I went from eating once a day and having a very slow metabolism to eating up to 6 times a day and speeding up my metabolism. Within the first month, I instantly lost 8 pounds and drop 3% body fat! It's been almost a year now of me training with Jose and I am in the best shape I have EVER been! I would encourage everyone to start their journey today with Sculpturefitness! Your health is one of the most important things, do not let another day go by. Sign up today! You will be extremely satisfied with your results, I sure am!

Carlos Gonzales 34, 3 x a week

“From the first time I spoke with Jose I could tell he had a passion for health and fitness and was well educated in the subject. Over the next couple of years Jose not only pushed me to reach my goals but also educated me and equipped me with the mental toughness to push myself. Sculpture Fitness has changed my life!”